Friday, 27 December 2013

2 January 2014

The injection is happening on 2 January. I do not feel too much emotion about this, it just seems like the only next step and the right decision after 8 months of i-think-i-am-getting-better-i-am-not.

So the appointment is booked and the product (diprostene) booked in my local pharmacy to take with me.

The NHS have a site that gives me some helpful insight into my chances of recovery and recovery process: see here. What I retain from this is that I need to ask for local anesthetic (!), that discomfort from the injection itself could last about 48 hours. Improvement is not likely to be quite as quick as I had been hoping "over the next few weeks or months". I \also am going to be asking for a second MRI scan of the "articulation sous-talienne", that is, the foot bit under the main ankle joint.

I have to keep hope however! I will draw up my usual marathon training plan, based on the usual one, but with a few changes I suspect. I am still fascinated in particular about the long run and will be ensuring that I get the balance as bet suited to my needs as possible. Lessons learned from last year's preparation were that the long-run-encompassing-intensity-sections could be very heavy on energy levels and I think I need to proceed carefully to reach these without them destroying my training potential. To be developed once we know training is even possible.

Some more prayer recently for healing has not shown any signs of immediate effect, but the prayers are also that I would honour God through all of this and he knows I am ready to resume to run for him and take to the hills and races for him.

Right, off to have a look at the programme and post a link to a good knee-injury prevention tip I just read in Runner's Weekly! Please see my updated Recovering from injuries and prevention page.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

be warned runners of driving as well as of drivers!

It seems that the osteopathy is maybe helpful to the ankle PROVIDED I DON'T DRIVE. I have known for some time that both running and driving were triggering the ankle discomfort, but I now believe that the driving is worse than the running, which I think is a good thing.

That said my decision has been to proceed with the cortisone injection if the doctor agrees. Time is tight now, with marathon training scheduled to start January 1 in just a couple of weeks, and, yes, I would love to run the dawn to dusk race on dec 27.

You never know!

Monday, 21 October 2013

And so the roller coaster rides on

I am just so deeply moved to the core of my being about this. Yesterday during the conclusion of the Grand Raid de la Réunion a friend is running in, it started to dawn on me that God isn't going to provide miracles to heal my STOMACH, and as hard as this was to deal with, all I could cry out is I want to run for you, Jesus. And it is true, I am so desperate to run again but it's different now. This is no longer some theological or cerebral exercise, this is touching me deep deep down. I welcome this work of the Spirit within me as sore as it is. I know he is building deep and strong foundations. I wonder how long this will go on for...

Emotions stirring deep within my spirit

I’m sat on a plane leafing through my London Marathon race magazine. I get to this little cut out (before shaded in the numbers) and for the second time in almost 24 hours I actually start to blub! It’s a bit embarrassing really – but what is going on?
If we wind the clock back 1 week, I’m sat – finally – opposite the sports doctor, who is sat with an interested / professional look across the desk from me.
2 thoughts occur to me – thoughts that swing into prayers. The first is about this doctor’s medical analysis: “Please Lord, guide this man’s thought process, help him to know what to do”. Secondly: I realise I am not eagerly desiring to run again as I should be. How is it that someone as passionate about running as me has taken such a long time to get round to making this appointment? For the last month or two I have actually taken a lot of pleasure in recalling some of previous running adventures, and these experiences have just been coming back over and again, often for the first time. In many ways it’s been a relief to not feel lots of frustration and bitterness about what for me had become more than simply being active or practicing a sport I enjoyed. There was a sense of gratitude that I had been able to run as much as I had and also achieved what I could in that time. But I suddenly realise that this internal state of affairs is not right. There is something of calling to run, a sense that God actually desires to stir up in me something here. I need to be in eager anticipation here! And so I also pray: “Lord, stir me and raise in me the desire to really run again and for you”.
Sat on this plane it is clear to me that the seeds of these two prayers were expertly planted! The diagnosis of the doctor was in actual fact very different to anything I had heard before. Physiotherapy is probably useless in my case – I need osteopathy (small amount to “release” the ankle) and possibly a cortisone injection if that is unsuccessful. In fact the injury would seem to be under the ankle and not the ankle itself (which is where physiotherapy would have been useful). Wow! And as for the second prayer, I feel like the spirit is doing something in me very deep. I don’t know what, but he is at work. Even as I write this I feel even more emotions coming. Gosh. I have to get this sorted! No more hanging around! I am contacting the osteopath’s secretary every few days to check for cancellations as the appointment isn’t for quite some time.

Finally, check this out for some scripturally specific precedent! Acts 3:7.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Still more time to reflect. ...

Not that I really want time to reflect!! Im being given it anyway.

About a week ago I think I wrote about the challenge of coming back to run, wanting to run, missing running, but all these things in relation to the deeper purpose of runnibg for Him.

I havent been able to help myself start to imagine the London marathon next year already. What teeshirt could I wear? My friend Andy already gave me one great little tip there : put my name on it. That way, supporters can shout out my name which gives extra and much needed encouragement!  But what else? I have thought about:


yes. I like that.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Posting has been very scarce for the simple reason that I am in that place no runner (or sports person... heck, anyone!) want to be: injured, and it's been in no hurry to go away. This morning I tried to chat it over with God. In the shower. I felt reminded of how he placed those three foundations into my running last time things were difficult, and it gave me so much depth and meaning to my running, that is to say by God, for God and with God. I felt challenged to consider why I wanted to run again. Yes I miss it. SOOO badly. But I felt like he was saying that I needed to miss the running with him and for him and by him. He is working on my wound and cleaning the wound.

Today I tried resuming driving because even using the clutch pedal has been causing aches the following day and going for a 5 minute trot with my daughter strapped to me (she's only 5 months!), the first steps running in 3 weeks. Both seemed to go okay despite how it went just three days previously with just some driving. But the key test is tomorrow.

By the way, the UTMB was last weekend. I found this video to be quite inspiring especially with the dramatic scenes that kick in around the 12 minute mark. Will it be days, weeks, months... years? Whatever, I'll be back!!!!

Run injury-free, there is nothing more precious!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Time to take some time off

After having experimented with Physio, supports, exercises, resumed training , and antiinflammatory gels, I was inspired by Sage Cannaday who managed a twin tear, both inside and outside of his ankle. He took three weeks off. I am doing the same, except for the Physio that is. I am starting with a new Physio on Monday.

One of the tricky things with this ankle is that discomfort is 90% after the solicitation, esp the next day, in fact.

Sooo frustrating to have made so little progress since April!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Physio Ankle exercises

Here's a quick summary of some of the physio's ankle exercises (equipment needed in blue, specialised equipment needed in orange, exercise/practice that caused more harm than good in red):

Physio 1:

  • Use an ankle circumduction machine on injured side. Rotating in both directions, increasing difficulty (resistance) in ensuing sessions.
  • Bounce on a small trampoline on both feet (I can't remember if we did just on injured side).
  • Skipping with skipping rope.

Physio 2:

  • Stand on physio supple pad on injured side. Vary this by moving arms around, closing eyes, or even combining all this with swishing the head from side to side.
  • Stand on balance board on injured side. Vary this by closing eyes. (I used dual hemisphere and single hemisphere).
  • Stand on forefoot of both feet and twist outward, creating a sort of simulated sprain / strain on the outside of both feet, hold for a couple of seconds and back in, repeat x 10.

Physio 3:

  • Stand on the damaged ankle on one foot, and send and receive a ball (beach ball, football...) varying the directions.
  • Rest the ankle by standing on a step with the injured ankle simply hanging in space.
  • Stand on a step sideways on injured side and rise and lower on the front of the foot. Use the good foot for balance if and when needed on the step.
  • Practice walking on the front of the foot.
  • With a ball under the uninjured foot, practice moving it around in all directions with weight on injured foot side.
  • Have ultrasound applied. (acutely painful when the physio failed to move the device much or even at all!)
  • Duration of balance exercises: 10 mins twice a day is fine.

Other (me!)

  • Practice those times when stationary (e.g. brushing teeth) standing on the injured foot side. Close eyes if too easy.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

23 km road and London is in the bag!

2:15 for around 23 km, leisurely. After 4km my ankle made itself known but slowing solved this. I still don't have the courage to take things off road yet as I always imagine re-twisting it! Absolutely fantastic to be able to do a run of this length although I have noticed that my natural foot strike has reverted back to heel striking.

I have been feeling desperate to get back into the running of late and really need to sort my autumn schedule.

I don't think I mentioned it on here before but... I have qualified for London 2014 good for age! Very excited about that....

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Physio is wonderful, and so is focus

Friday 12 km and tough Physio session
Saturday 4.5 km, 1 km at marathon pace

Today, dimly aware of ankle, but this is significantly better than I would have felt in the same conditions even before my third ankle twist.

Note to self: see the physio straight away!
Generally this week has seen a surge in my running "mojo", I'm just so excited about running again. I am reconsidering the whole mountain bike idea, I think I would rather keep my main focus. In the Purpose Driven Life, Warren demonstrates the close connection between focussed living and peace. I also seek peace in my sporting practice and I know time is going to be limited next year. My good friend Wim, keen mountain biker, is going to be disappointed!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

1st sport, 2nd sport....3rd sport, 4th sport....

New blog entry for runningwithcertainty:

10 km in 50 mins on the flat (yesterday)
40 km trail biking in 1hr50 (today, some was on road).

Since I re-twisted for the third time in three months my ankle at the ultra event I decided to maintain, it has been a good opportunity to focus on getting some physio and developing a second sport of cycling. Actually, this is not strictly true: my experiences in the ultra of last December and my lesson-in-humility on 8 May have shown me that already I was moving from road-running to trail running, and that this transition is a big one, 2 sports already!

Since March I have also put on 4 kg - up from 66.5 (approx) to 70.2 kg now. My mind boggles when I think of what I must have been putting my body through in the build-up to that marathon!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Race report Circus d'Aubrac, 55km 2000m positive altitude gain.

Result: DNF....again, ankle (re)sprained at 16km.

I am currently writing this sat in the docs surgery :( Boohoo!

This race for me was about listening to my body and really participating, taking care of my ankle (!), and as such I began toward the back of the pack, to ensure I didn't do anything silly (that had already been achieved actually, we drove up here from 30 deg Marseille and totally was not expecting 7 deg and chilly rain at 5 am and so didn't think to bring running jacket). Of course I am who I am and I didn't come away feeling I had some new soul mates exactly or any of the deeper conversations I had been asking for. Also a bit disappointing as I felt like I had been trying so hard to put my left ankle under minimum lateral strain. I never even saw the root or stone that caused this sprain but I was down in a flash and a yelp of pain.

Other runners were outstanding though: of the dozens that passed me over the next few minutes no one failed to asked me if I was OK and many if they could help. One guy (113) stopped and gave me some cold spray and someone also averted the medics. It was so wonderful to see this German medic hiking up toward me as I contemplated the next few miles hobbling to the aid station! Quite cool to journey back with a former diagonal des fous champion who now in his 60s had totally bust up Bis face and leg !

Time to take time off and focus on the bike. I've made my wife promise not to let me run for a month...

Friday, 21 June 2013

sunday dimanche aventure!


Juste pour vous informer que je suis revenu sur ma décision initiale d'annuler ma course dimanche
Just to let you know I have gone back on my decision and am now running my race on Sunday
C'est un peu bizarre car je suis toujours embêté au niveau de ma cheville gauche, mais j'ai envie d'y aller pour le fun et la participation, et j'espère apprendre quelque chose de nouveau dans la participation, et non seulement le courir-au-plus-vite!
It's a wee bit strange as I am still not fully fit in my left ankle, which tends to bother me after I train, but I want to go and enjoy it and participate, and I hope learn something new about participating, and not just running my little socks of!
J'y vais avec pratiquement zéro entrainement donc cela devrait être assez intéressant!
I'm also going with virtually no training so it should be interesting...

God bless you with many sporting adventures, que Dieu vous bénisse de beaucoup d'aventures sportives,

J :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Several "mis-hears"

I thought God was saying to me to use this next 55km event to establish a stronger focus of PARTICIPATION in my running. But after a 45 min gentle run on Thursday and some mild discomfort yesterday in the ankle I actually believe I just need to plane withdraw. The only upside I can see with this is that it solves the logistical problems we were faced with as a family on getting everyone there.

Also, however
- I don't run the risk of further injury. I am speeding up recovery now.
- we can still go on over to the event

What I would really like is to get a bike to do some long workouts that way but I just have nowhere to stock it. Maybe I could ask some friends?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

developing gifts

I am currently studying the Purpose Driven Life book, which I would happily recommend to anyone! In Ch.32 I am encouraged to look at gifts and developing what I have been given as a gift. 

This got me thinking - what is the sporting gift that I have been giving? Is there natural talent there?

We are also encouraged to think about what people say back to us as a guide.

My feeling is that with distance running, there is some talent there, which I have by God's grace and enthusiasm developed a fair bit, but it is not something anyone would describe as exceptional. But do I apply this principle to other areas of my life where I have more natural ability? Or do I assume, as I did as a teenager, that you run simply as fast as you can and that training doesn't really make a difference?

Monday I ran 41 km, this was my first back-to-back run. The morning 25km session gave me no ankle pain, whereas the afternoon did on a few occasions. Discomfort grew over the next three days or so and has subsided again. Hmmm.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Inside of you

"The reward of running - of anything - lies within is... we focus on something external to motivate us, but we need to remember that it's the process of reaching for that prize, not the prize itself, that can bring us peace and joy. "

Scott Jurek

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ankle keeps me in a low gear

I have a funny ankle!  I wonder if God us using it to develop yet another facet to my running for I realise u can run on it now even for a ling way provided I keep the pace real slow. I felt great after a couple of hours today like I could just have kept going and going. Maybe this next ultra is more about just enjoying taking part and meeting new folk. We will see!

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Excerpt from a message to my father:

Dear Dad, I just wanted to write and acknowledge how appreciative I am for passing on to me your passion for sport! It truly is a wonderful thing that also contributes to me feeling truly alive: vwhat a privilege!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hill Race Report

23 km race: Trail des Eaux Vives, 8 May 2013

An excerpt from a message I wrote to my friend Andy:

I am now one day after a race I may have mentioned I was doing, the Trail des Eaux vives. The experience has caused me to reflect quite a bit on our undertaking because I now see that the stats we have available for templiers are quite hard to visualise for us, perhaps even more so for yourself, although maybe not!
I really don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I suppose its fairly true to say I was feeling pretty good about my marathon performance in March. The three hours is there for the taking! I finished with the first female! I qualified for London! What a hero...
23 km with 1500m vertical gain, it'll be hard but I can hack it. I have run an ultra for goodness sake.
I quit - for the first time ever - at around 11km, which took me around 1:40 to complete. During the previous kilometer I'd seen several overtaking me and I could scarcely breathe as i tried to keep the pace - walking - up to the crest if the hill. If I hadn't quit and hadn't lost any more placings, I would have finished almost exactly in the time it takes me to cover 42km on the flat. The winner finished in 2hrs almost flat, a local guy. That's two thirds of the time I wasn't even capable of maintaining. Gabresellasse can't do that on me in a marathon!
Finally today, my legs keep giving way under me, there seem to be multiple angles where all support just goes.
Conclusion, this is an ENTIRELY different ball game. Its all about the up and down, Andy, and I am wondering do you really think your legs will be able to get the exposure they need for this living in London!? Mine currently aren't even close. In fact I don't remember them ever being quite so trashed if I am honest. Hence my wondering what the goal might be. Maybe, like with the bob graham round thing, there are some intermediary levels we need to do first. What I am asking is: are there any tough races like this that you should be trying first before committing to the templiers race? Also, might there be something else we could try the same weekend, in Uk, France or heck somewhere?
Sorry if that was a but much, I just had such a reality check there I thought probably best to share with u!
Running blessings!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

1hr and 6 days to go.

> Around 12km in 1h05
> After 10 hours of travel on cars, planes and buses in my trail-running Salomon shoes, my soles felt positively bruised yesterday morning. After some initial panic I soon realised that was what it was and slipped off for an hour without my Garmin watch (more on this below). A good opportunity to test some of my gear for Saturday night. Not entirely convinced by the Helly Henson thermal layer, which seems a little small/ constraining.
> I feel quite inspired by a new podcast I had subscribed to: naked runners. Their ethos is to run as simply as possible with no gadgetry : ipods, phones, GPS watches, heart-rate monitors... Why try to insulate ourselves from the sensations and environment we are out in to enjoy? They would also add that it is actually harder to listen to the signals that our bodies are sending us. This ties in well with Marathon Talk's advice back in October to ensure that we are capable of running our long runs without distraction and alone.

Julian Goater advice is not as universal as I previously thought

I think training has been going fairly well, although I am often only at 3 runs a week, the long run has been preserved! One thing I have been seriously questioning is Goater's higher cadence "gears" approach. As discussed in his book in his running technique sections and also elsewhere in this blog, he promotes maintaining a high cadence, no matter the level of the athlete, and with major emphasis on stride length as the significant variable for hills, fatigue etc.

Firstly, a case is to be made that my experience does support. In December 2012 I survived my first 70km snow trail race and it was tough. However, at 60km I was feeling pretty good and running well. I feel like I owe this to adopting some of Goater's approach of small efficient strides that saw me padding up hills that others had slowed to a walk up. So for low intensity this seemed energy efficient to me.

But I have found that training for the marathon distance this spring in 2012 has caused me to reflect with caution on universal rules on technique. I have noticed, for example,  that I have been able to reduce breathing rate (and I suspect heart rate too, but I need to check this) by extending my stride and reducing my cadence while maintaining my marathon pace (4:15). Of COURSE this is not me saying that therefore I need to be running at slower cadence etc. as I have already said. In fact the maintaining of cadence was very helpful for the hills in Marseille marathon, and contributed to me netting another PB (and, hurrah, the marathon distance is no longer my worst distance! ). What I am questioning is about this being applied when in those "cruising" scenarios, on the flat, no headwind, already at-speed.

What I find my body really appreciates is a bit of variation. So if I find heart rate can slow by increasing my stride, then great, but you won't catch me doing that all the way through a marathon. Another example is foot strike. I have been advocating for over a year now the marvels if the forefoot strike as opposed to the heel strike. It was with some humility that I started to realise during some mid-marathon experimentation last October that some heel strike in that cramp-prone window around the 35 km mark can actually help alleviate cramping while avoiding the need to stop and stretch.

ok this post has taken a few montha to complete so apologies if it seems a bit disjointed! Time to publish...

Friday, 19 April 2013

weak ankles and marathon recovery duration

I think it took me about 2 1/2 weeks to fully recover from my marathon. Just three days for most stiffness to go, but for that deeper fatigue, for example a really trying 10km that just shouldn't be that hard, but is. But that was all gone a few days ago, and it was exhilerating to get out for a speedy hour up into the hills.

But I have twinged my ankle yet again, to a point that caused me to limp for a while before doing a further 15 km or so last monday. I shall be joining another trail runner tomorrow for just a part of his long outing and taking it very carefully....

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Penultimate marathon over?

42.195 km in 3:01:30. I'll take it! Really very pleased with how I ran and feel grateful to some very good and experienced pacing by the pacesetter - until he dropped that is! STILL unable to avoid slowing down in the latter km, I am wondering if I can ever do it? The positive split is reducing though and that keeps me hopeful... for London 2014! Possibly my final marathon so it better had be sub 3!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Marathon #4 11 days away

11 days 'til my next marathon, which will be my fourth (excluding my ultra in December), and it's already time to reflect on the process. It has been so different to previous build-ups - fewer sessions, typically just 4 per week, but a greater emphasis on tough long runs.

I am however feeling for the first time somewhat overtrained. Yesterday I completed 24 km in the hills, and on a gentle tarmaced down-hill section could only just manage 4:17 for that kilometre toward the end. I just felt so weary. It's time to back off, and it's time to taper anyway, but I must find ways of keeping the wheels in motion, I don't want to be rusty a week on Sunday (my word that sounds close!) I hope to still feeling up for a final 10 miler on Sunday.

Other recent long runs have included:

  • 36 km in 2:42, adopting a 4:45/km x2 4:15/km x1 strategy throughout, and attempting to hold this in the last couple of K. 
  • 29 km, inc. 1 km warm up, 15 km 4:45/km, 4 km 4:15, 4km 4:10, 4km 4:05. "Fast Finish". That's how to knacker yourself!
  • 2 x 18 km with 1h30 break between. Not too difficult really.

Nutrition and health
2 weeks to go diet: It was recommended on a recent Marathon Talk episode 165 by Matt Fitzgerald to have a high-fat diet until 2 days before the event.
2 days before the marathon: Switch to high-carbohydrate diet.

I was intrigued by this (and generally love eating fatty products!), but was quickly scuppered as I am also battling chronic stomach issues, which are gastritis, but are caused neither by gluten or bacteria. Advice is against a fatty diet. I shall be emphasising rice and bananas in my last two meals.

I am also undergoing a couple of heart checks as I sometimes get heart palpitations. Quite satisfying to hear the cardiologist make a comment about me having a "sportsman's heart", around 50 bpm, sometimes less! Something must be going right. I have another check in another couple of days...

Why run?
Taking it a bit easier is also an opportunity to reflect on those bigger why do it questions. It's great teaching some PE to a local christian class, where we focus on the fact that running, and functional bodies, really are amazing and quite a privilege to be appreciated in recognition of who made them, gave them to us. We certainly didn't deserve them or ask for them! I still want to run for Him.

What's on the horizon?
I still feel that my longer term plan is to steer away from marathons to off-road long-distance stuff, it's just so much fun! But I'm not abandoning it yet as I still can't wait to experience what London 2014 is going to be like. Apparently Mo Farah will be making his London marathon debut there too, so it's a head-to-head there! I wonder what he'll do? My vote is for a new British record, finally breaking Jones' 80s record. Of course I won't be too far behind, just an hour or so ;)

Otherwise, I have two more off-road events scheduled, one around 24 km with 2000m positive ascent and a 55 km ultra later in June with similar climb (i.e. a "quick" ultra, pacing shall be an interesting one).

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Long runs on treadmills are OUT!

10 km at goal marathon pace 8 km at 30 sec/km slower than MP. them 12 km in 4 x 3 km reps. Each of these 3 km chunks went: 1 km @ marathon pace, 1 km MP @5 secs/km faster than MP, 1 km 10 secs/km faster than MP.

More blisters still!
Despite the lack of visual stimulation and being indoors, was great to switch off the podcasts and dialogue with God about things, and Sunday in particular when I must speak.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Predictive power

7.5km averaging 4:44 /km

Running back from Ikea to my scooter I set myself the goal of running fairly fast, and then remembered there was a large and steep hill to get back up to where I was parked (point to point). So I selected 4:45 as my goal. Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at my watch as I approached the car park! Encouraging to be able to set goals that are in tune with reality.

Monday, 4 February 2013

hopefully the drop will pre-empt a spike!

I seem to remember saying that for the first time in years it seems that my running "mojo", as a friend of mine recently put it, has taken a dip. I still like it, but the passion and love for this sport that I felt God had given me seems to be slipping. With Marathon Talk, I committed to what seemed to me a low-commitment 5-runs-per week for their spring motivation campaign. Last week I ran three times, one of those thanks to a contact from another runner suggesting a long run. So it went:
Tue: 1 x 2 mile and 3 x 1 mile on a treadmill.
Fri: 2 hour long run half-marathon
Sun: 45 minute steady run over hills.

Thinking through some downhill technique issues, and possibly attempting to overstride.
Recovery after the long run and yesterday's run also noticeably harder than a couple of months ago. :(

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Spring marathons and cold air issues

For the second year running (excuse the pun!), I have been coughing following running. Last year was obviously worse, with having something like pneumonia, but there is clearly now some kind of issue with running in the cold which I don't remember from before. Anyhow, until temperatures climb back to something in the teens, I shan't be doing any intensive running. Curiously, just as I was considering this I met an older marathoner who only runs autumn marathons for this exact reason. But I am running this spring marathon, so.... I am going to sink to running a couple of times a week in a fitness centre on a machine! Not sure how I feel about this... Longand steady runs will continue outdoors but without the power surges.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Long run in a fasted state

26 km in 2:25

Following on from an interesting article I was sent by runners connect (INSERT), I decided to try out their advice on doing a long run in a fasted state. I expected it to be a really tiring and difficult experience but actually apart from running the closing 8km into what was at times a tough headwind, I felt strong to the end and wasn't feeling energy deprived at all. I do actually wonder if I failed to achieve the objective of this run. Next week needs to be longer! However, in line with this same article, I don't intend to be doing this kind of session in the final month before my marathon.

God is good! I know I am not quite in the place I want to be in my running with him, but there are many other areas he is working in within me that maybe this is time to simply run. I don't want that to be the case though it is such a great opportunity to reflect and pray. I found this also the other week in those quiet moments I hadn't previously known when getting on a long ski lift by myself. Incredible quiet, calm and views.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Not much

Not much running since my week in the snow. I have caught some kind of throat infection which I am slowly getting over. I feel cautious about getting out there when not 100%.

Read a good chapter in stretching in Julien Goater's book. I feel the need to build up some sort of a routine where I don't have to think: what's that stretch I am supposed to be doing again? I like the way he says it needs to break out of the sporting sphere, and just stretch throughout the day.

Flexibility is a discipline. Both physical and relational and relating to training programmes!