Sunday, 5 May 2013

1hr and 6 days to go.

> Around 12km in 1h05
> After 10 hours of travel on cars, planes and buses in my trail-running Salomon shoes, my soles felt positively bruised yesterday morning. After some initial panic I soon realised that was what it was and slipped off for an hour without my Garmin watch (more on this below). A good opportunity to test some of my gear for Saturday night. Not entirely convinced by the Helly Henson thermal layer, which seems a little small/ constraining.
> I feel quite inspired by a new podcast I had subscribed to: naked runners. Their ethos is to run as simply as possible with no gadgetry : ipods, phones, GPS watches, heart-rate monitors... Why try to insulate ourselves from the sensations and environment we are out in to enjoy? They would also add that it is actually harder to listen to the signals that our bodies are sending us. This ties in well with Marathon Talk's advice back in October to ensure that we are capable of running our long runs without distraction and alone.

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