Monday, 4 February 2013

hopefully the drop will pre-empt a spike!

I seem to remember saying that for the first time in years it seems that my running "mojo", as a friend of mine recently put it, has taken a dip. I still like it, but the passion and love for this sport that I felt God had given me seems to be slipping. With Marathon Talk, I committed to what seemed to me a low-commitment 5-runs-per week for their spring motivation campaign. Last week I ran three times, one of those thanks to a contact from another runner suggesting a long run. So it went:
Tue: 1 x 2 mile and 3 x 1 mile on a treadmill.
Fri: 2 hour long run half-marathon
Sun: 45 minute steady run over hills.

Thinking through some downhill technique issues, and possibly attempting to overstride.
Recovery after the long run and yesterday's run also noticeably harder than a couple of months ago. :(

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