Thursday, 11 July 2013

1st sport, 2nd sport....3rd sport, 4th sport....

New blog entry for runningwithcertainty:

10 km in 50 mins on the flat (yesterday)
40 km trail biking in 1hr50 (today, some was on road).

Since I re-twisted for the third time in three months my ankle at the ultra event I decided to maintain, it has been a good opportunity to focus on getting some physio and developing a second sport of cycling. Actually, this is not strictly true: my experiences in the ultra of last December and my lesson-in-humility on 8 May have shown me that already I was moving from road-running to trail running, and that this transition is a big one, 2 sports already!

Since March I have also put on 4 kg - up from 66.5 (approx) to 70.2 kg now. My mind boggles when I think of what I must have been putting my body through in the build-up to that marathon!

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