Saturday, 17 August 2013

Time to take some time off

After having experimented with Physio, supports, exercises, resumed training , and antiinflammatory gels, I was inspired by Sage Cannaday who managed a twin tear, both inside and outside of his ankle. He took three weeks off. I am doing the same, except for the Physio that is. I am starting with a new Physio on Monday.

One of the tricky things with this ankle is that discomfort is 90% after the solicitation, esp the next day, in fact.

Sooo frustrating to have made so little progress since April!


  1. Good luck with your rest and recovery, John. Hope you come back stronger and faster. - Cord
    twitter: @ontherunblog

    1. Thanks man, I really appreciated that, it's a tough time being injured!


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