Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hill Race Report

23 km race: Trail des Eaux Vives, 8 May 2013

An excerpt from a message I wrote to my friend Andy:

I am now one day after a race I may have mentioned I was doing, the Trail des Eaux vives. The experience has caused me to reflect quite a bit on our undertaking because I now see that the stats we have available for templiers are quite hard to visualise for us, perhaps even more so for yourself, although maybe not!
I really don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I suppose its fairly true to say I was feeling pretty good about my marathon performance in March. The three hours is there for the taking! I finished with the first female! I qualified for London! What a hero...
23 km with 1500m vertical gain, it'll be hard but I can hack it. I have run an ultra for goodness sake.
I quit - for the first time ever - at around 11km, which took me around 1:40 to complete. During the previous kilometer I'd seen several overtaking me and I could scarcely breathe as i tried to keep the pace - walking - up to the crest if the hill. If I hadn't quit and hadn't lost any more placings, I would have finished almost exactly in the time it takes me to cover 42km on the flat. The winner finished in 2hrs almost flat, a local guy. That's two thirds of the time I wasn't even capable of maintaining. Gabresellasse can't do that on me in a marathon!
Finally today, my legs keep giving way under me, there seem to be multiple angles where all support just goes.
Conclusion, this is an ENTIRELY different ball game. Its all about the up and down, Andy, and I am wondering do you really think your legs will be able to get the exposure they need for this living in London!? Mine currently aren't even close. In fact I don't remember them ever being quite so trashed if I am honest. Hence my wondering what the goal might be. Maybe, like with the bob graham round thing, there are some intermediary levels we need to do first. What I am asking is: are there any tough races like this that you should be trying first before committing to the templiers race? Also, might there be something else we could try the same weekend, in Uk, France or heck somewhere?
Sorry if that was a but much, I just had such a reality check there I thought probably best to share with u!
Running blessings!

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