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Here are a short selection of books that have been of great help to me. Please don't miss out a selection of great running quotes you can also find here.

1. Running With Joy (click to expand)

      (three line review)
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2. Running by Feel? (for now: see others' reviews)

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3. The Art of Running Faster

                                    see my full review

                                    see external review

4. Running Is Easy, by Bruce Tulloh

What I really like about this slightly dated looking running book (I have seen that a second edition has been released but not looked at it myself) is that it very carefully increments a runner's progression between levels in a way that The Art of Running Faster does not really seek. I think that from a beginners perspective it could be ideal, if they can get past the rather dated type set and photos, in showing them how the years could pan out. As a slightly more regular runner, I am currently using this as a resource in a dip-in-to-the-relevant-selection way and also for gaining perspective on bringing on newer runners.

5. Born To Run

                                    see my full review
                                    see external review

6. Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness

Awesome book! I almost want to become a vegetarian after eating this book! Yes, you devour it, such a fast and exhilerating read, that helps me at least question where my pain limits are and giving me fresh hunger to reach out and reach in more deeply. A pity there is such an arrogant-sounding title after the colon, but I have already defended this to one friend, saying that this is probably the publisher imposing this, I certainly hope so Scott! (this is not to say he is not a great ultramarathoner...)

ALSO, as a special mention, Ryan Hall recommends the Bible as a resource:

The principles of the Bible are designed to set us completely free in every area of life, and that can help us unlock maximum human potential.(kindle location 3001). See here for some reflection on biblical running principles and associated passages.

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