Saturday, 8 June 2013

developing gifts

I am currently studying the Purpose Driven Life book, which I would happily recommend to anyone! In Ch.32 I am encouraged to look at gifts and developing what I have been given as a gift. 

This got me thinking - what is the sporting gift that I have been giving? Is there natural talent there?

We are also encouraged to think about what people say back to us as a guide.

My feeling is that with distance running, there is some talent there, which I have by God's grace and enthusiasm developed a fair bit, but it is not something anyone would describe as exceptional. But do I apply this principle to other areas of my life where I have more natural ability? Or do I assume, as I did as a teenager, that you run simply as fast as you can and that training doesn't really make a difference?

Monday I ran 41 km, this was my first back-to-back run. The morning 25km session gave me no ankle pain, whereas the afternoon did on a few occasions. Discomfort grew over the next three days or so and has subsided again. Hmmm.

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