Sunday, 24 May 2015

Barefoot excitement, my first segment

I am probably the last runner in the world to hear about Strava, but if I am not then you should definitely check it out. It is so motivating - I am particularly stoked by their segment feature, which allows you to pitch yourself against the local bests. Awesome.

I am simultaneously trying to make my feet hardier for further barefoot running - something which I am sure is only really achievable by doing exactly that - running barefoot. I probably went too fast to put down the segment time and have taken off some skin, but hey-ho.

One thing I will say if you are nutty like that - try to run on the road itself. I found there was less gravel and more comfortable that way.

Sunday, 17 May 2015


14 km run today, with no hitches, and I think I am back!
I may always have a fragile left ankle, and I may have to think twice before participating in technical night trail races again, but this is very positive.
Pace, however, was kept slow, although this is partly because my cardio-vascular fitness capacity has dropped.
More soon.