Saturday, 16 February 2013

Long runs on treadmills are OUT!

10 km at goal marathon pace 8 km at 30 sec/km slower than MP. them 12 km in 4 x 3 km reps. Each of these 3 km chunks went: 1 km @ marathon pace, 1 km MP @5 secs/km faster than MP, 1 km 10 secs/km faster than MP.

More blisters still!
Despite the lack of visual stimulation and being indoors, was great to switch off the podcasts and dialogue with God about things, and Sunday in particular when I must speak.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Predictive power

7.5km averaging 4:44 /km

Running back from Ikea to my scooter I set myself the goal of running fairly fast, and then remembered there was a large and steep hill to get back up to where I was parked (point to point). So I selected 4:45 as my goal. Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at my watch as I approached the car park! Encouraging to be able to set goals that are in tune with reality.

Monday, 4 February 2013

hopefully the drop will pre-empt a spike!

I seem to remember saying that for the first time in years it seems that my running "mojo", as a friend of mine recently put it, has taken a dip. I still like it, but the passion and love for this sport that I felt God had given me seems to be slipping. With Marathon Talk, I committed to what seemed to me a low-commitment 5-runs-per week for their spring motivation campaign. Last week I ran three times, one of those thanks to a contact from another runner suggesting a long run. So it went:
Tue: 1 x 2 mile and 3 x 1 mile on a treadmill.
Fri: 2 hour long run half-marathon
Sun: 45 minute steady run over hills.

Thinking through some downhill technique issues, and possibly attempting to overstride.
Recovery after the long run and yesterday's run also noticeably harder than a couple of months ago. :(