Thursday, 26 September 2013

Still more time to reflect. ...

Not that I really want time to reflect!! Im being given it anyway.

About a week ago I think I wrote about the challenge of coming back to run, wanting to run, missing running, but all these things in relation to the deeper purpose of runnibg for Him.

I havent been able to help myself start to imagine the London marathon next year already. What teeshirt could I wear? My friend Andy already gave me one great little tip there : put my name on it. That way, supporters can shout out my name which gives extra and much needed encouragement!  But what else? I have thought about:


yes. I like that.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Posting has been very scarce for the simple reason that I am in that place no runner (or sports person... heck, anyone!) want to be: injured, and it's been in no hurry to go away. This morning I tried to chat it over with God. In the shower. I felt reminded of how he placed those three foundations into my running last time things were difficult, and it gave me so much depth and meaning to my running, that is to say by God, for God and with God. I felt challenged to consider why I wanted to run again. Yes I miss it. SOOO badly. But I felt like he was saying that I needed to miss the running with him and for him and by him. He is working on my wound and cleaning the wound.

Today I tried resuming driving because even using the clutch pedal has been causing aches the following day and going for a 5 minute trot with my daughter strapped to me (she's only 5 months!), the first steps running in 3 weeks. Both seemed to go okay despite how it went just three days previously with just some driving. But the key test is tomorrow.

By the way, the UTMB was last weekend. I found this video to be quite inspiring especially with the dramatic scenes that kick in around the 12 minute mark. Will it be days, weeks, months... years? Whatever, I'll be back!!!!

Run injury-free, there is nothing more precious!