Saturday, 26 January 2013

Spring marathons and cold air issues

For the second year running (excuse the pun!), I have been coughing following running. Last year was obviously worse, with having something like pneumonia, but there is clearly now some kind of issue with running in the cold which I don't remember from before. Anyhow, until temperatures climb back to something in the teens, I shan't be doing any intensive running. Curiously, just as I was considering this I met an older marathoner who only runs autumn marathons for this exact reason. But I am running this spring marathon, so.... I am going to sink to running a couple of times a week in a fitness centre on a machine! Not sure how I feel about this... Longand steady runs will continue outdoors but without the power surges.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Long run in a fasted state

26 km in 2:25

Following on from an interesting article I was sent by runners connect (INSERT), I decided to try out their advice on doing a long run in a fasted state. I expected it to be a really tiring and difficult experience but actually apart from running the closing 8km into what was at times a tough headwind, I felt strong to the end and wasn't feeling energy deprived at all. I do actually wonder if I failed to achieve the objective of this run. Next week needs to be longer! However, in line with this same article, I don't intend to be doing this kind of session in the final month before my marathon.

God is good! I know I am not quite in the place I want to be in my running with him, but there are many other areas he is working in within me that maybe this is time to simply run. I don't want that to be the case though it is such a great opportunity to reflect and pray. I found this also the other week in those quiet moments I hadn't previously known when getting on a long ski lift by myself. Incredible quiet, calm and views.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Not much

Not much running since my week in the snow. I have caught some kind of throat infection which I am slowly getting over. I feel cautious about getting out there when not 100%.

Read a good chapter in stretching in Julien Goater's book. I feel the need to build up some sort of a routine where I don't have to think: what's that stretch I am supposed to be doing again? I like the way he says it needs to break out of the sporting sphere, and just stretch throughout the day.

Flexibility is a discipline. Both physical and relational and relating to training programmes!