Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pain in the foot!

I've been sensing over the past few weeks, particularly after road running, a growing awareness of discomfort in the soles of my forefeet, which is leading me to question the legacy of forefoot running.

It seems like no matter where you turn in running media, the discussions about running technique seem to invariably imply that manufacturers have been overly playing to consumers supposed need for cushioning and comfort and actually encouraging poorer technique.

Not only do I understand these arguments, but application of forefoot running has resulted in significantly reduced knee strain compared with this time last year. So what's my problem? Well not only am I suffering from this sense of bruising, but I just question also the rigid application of the technique. I mentioned in a post in October following my autumn Marathon that my calves, which are prone to cramping after a time could be fully alleviated by resuming a heel-strike, which effectively stretches the calf muscle.

This is all coming off sore feet just now combined with a fair amount of laziness "preventing me" from getting out the door. Oh and my wife had gone to bed early and I didn't want to wake her...

Anyway, seriously, I need to give minimalist footware a bit of a try, but it may just be a quick dip 2013 could be an interesting year.

This is a Christian blog. I am also asking God again to afresh inspire me. Interesting to see that one of.the key inspirations behind the blog, andhero in many ways, Ryan Hall, has decided to resume being coached after the faith-based approach he had adopted. Hope it works for him.

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