Monday, 10 December 2012


9 km varied terrain and a couple of phone calls!
Its hard to know when to build long runs back in after a big event, especially if that big event is far bigger than anything you have ever done before. But all stiffness was gone on Thursday and Saturday saw me do 10 km in about 50 odd minutes, so I think it would have been fine to takethings further today. Unfortunately I just ran out of time. I made a concerted effort to remind myself that everything is fine, I'm not even currently training for a race, and am enjoying a drink or two!
Am still feeling really blessed at just how well everything went really last week at Lyon. Some not great choices still failed to tarnish an amazing adventure, and I came out totally uninjured too. Great.
It is time to complete my year review, which I will also blog at some point during the week.

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