Tuesday, 25 December 2012

2012 Season Review and some perspective for 2013

Following on from Marathon Talk episode 150:

1. What were the highlights andwhat were the things that helped you achieve that?

It was a very tough first half year in terms of health and injury. But through it was birthed a new approach and purpose to my running that integrates a spiritual element, and I hope some deeper perspective and humility.

AND, what are the top 5 you will concentrate on over the winter?

- hill reps

- long runs (2½ hrs or more).

− running with other people

2. List the things you would like to get better at, holes in your training.

- the fade effect that doesn't seem to occur in the shorter distances I race in.

− compacting the time around the training (i.e. quick showers, fitting it into a schedule with it becoming this all−encompassing thing)

3. Key goal(s )? And how far away from achieving that goal do you feel?

− sub 3h marathon (fairly close, maybe 3:02…)

− 100 km / Templiers race (well up for it!)

− 17:59  5 km (pretty close)

− 37:59 10 km (not so close)

− 5:14 mile (stab in the dark)

4. Identifying your A-goal. Sometimes though, there is a bigger picture involved. 

− Marseille Marathon (spring)

− Ultra (autumn, possibly with marathon support a month before, depending on where I am)

5. What is your training budget. Over-promise and under-deliver. ME: do this with Heather.

− 5 runs a week. One long run to be done outside of family time, unless other plans made. My wife is cool with this.

Off we go! 

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