Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Twinge once! Twinge twice! Sold!

Went out for what should have been my second "Fartlek" session. But for the second time in a week following a fast interval, I twinged my ankle early on. I wasn't lazy. I tried to run it off but felt it again after some stretches. That's it. For me, a recurring twinge like that means intervals are over. That doesn't mean the session is over though (note that the previous time this happened was before Martigues - Carro where I flew along at threshold, no ankle issues there). I later picked up pace to 160 bpm. Yep, my heart monitor is back in the game, and I hope to really build in some heart rate based training once and develop some understanding here. Hall uses it quite a lot, and there's some good stuff to be gleaned from marathontalk too.

YET another set of earphones have failed on me, but the silence is a blessing, and is freeing my mind to think and also to talk with God. For a while now I have stopped listening to anything when doing intervals as its just too hard for me to concentrate on the content.

Time for bed :)

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