Friday, 6 July 2012

200m Sprints

6 July 2012: 8 x 200m with 40 second intervals, plus some drills and jogging. Total dist. 6.3 km
Pretty good sprints session, although some good sporting and spiritual lessons learned. I think that when you do something like this for the first time then expectations have to be low, both in terms of performance and consistency.
My first 200m I bombed in 31 seconds, but within a couple of reps I was down to 39, although by the end of the “first” set I had managed to get the splits back to about 35-37 seconds. There was supposed to be a second set following a five minute jog break, but I SOMEHOW still managed to forget my inhaler, and I decided it unwise to do the second set and avoid taking my respiratory system to its limits.
Lesson 1: prepare kit the night before.
Lesson 2: on sprint sessions of 200m, aim for 35s.
It is very hard to hold back on the first rep. I remember I used to struggle with this with the hill sessions I used to do. The recovery time never feels enough!
Lesson 3: let God reign and shine into every part of my life.
Following on from my abandoning of the sprints session, I felt myself tempted in a destructive way. It required no small amount of wrestling and prayer (and turning off my sermon podcast!) to finally see God come back and win my heart. A couple of songs that came to me joyfully toward the end: “give light to my eyes.... I will not be overcome by my weakness, I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me” (Tree) and “be the king of this heart” (Matt Redman).

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