Monday, 18 April 2011

Salé - Rabat medina tour

A great 10 miler today in just over an hour 20. First entailed a couple of K in Salé before accidentally crossing over to Rabat in the midst of substantial works to create a tram system connecting the two cities. Once over on the other side, picked up pace for a short time to near semi marathon pace, before pulling back for the climb over to the atlantic coast, which impressively opened up after passing a giant, landscaped graveyard. About 5 minutes later I hit my "half-way point", as my iPod trainer lady announced it, it occurred to me that it might be a similar distance back if I followed the medina wall. Ah ha! I was wrong! Fortunately as well as interesting Rabat views - particularly on the long return leg overlooking the valley between Rabat and Salé and a stunning perched castle - I had my favourite podcast "Marathontalk" to keep me going. Overall pleased, although a bit too hot as still opting for what I feel might be slightly more appropriate running tights in this conservative culture, and so not a fast training session.

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