A bit more about me

My name's John, I am grateful for a sporty heritage from my father who has gone on a journey from distance K-boat paddling to cycling in his 60s and is still keen to break his PBs.

My own current PBs are as follows:

5K: 18:32
10K: 38:32
Half marathon: 1:24:52
Marathon: 3:04:15
Furthest: 70Km (hopefully, I will update this on 2 December 2012!)

Of more importance for me, is the continuous journey into the question why do you run? 

  1. I enjoy it on so many levels
  2. Because I can and it is a privilege to do so.
  3. I believe that God gave me this body to use it in sport for his glory somehow
  4. It gives me focus
  5. I discover so much of an area through running
  6. I can hopefully connect with people through a shared passion
  7. It is something that can be so beautifully simple and yet so staggeringly complex and deep, a bit like God. I never, ever stop learning new things about running and myself.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you well on your own journey into running in which I pray you might also sense there is something more to life than what we see and feel. Keep running!

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